"Agricampeggio Le Carbonaie" isn't just a name; is our past, our work, our family; the history of these wonderful places where the inhabitants have always had a deep connection with the surrounding woods and mountains.
The Tredicis handed down the lumberjacking tradition and the charcoal production activity since generations.
Years ago, exactly in the same spot where the camping rise you would have found the charcoal kilns.

"... Ugo, my grandfather, used to built the charcoal kiln. He put, one upon the other, wooden poles of growing lenght until he created a sort of big cone with a cental chimney.

The second step was to cover all the external part of the kiln with leaves, hay and a lay of terrain in order to stop the air to come inside the kiln.
At this point the kiln was ready to be lightened. Embers where put inside the chimney and the fire was fuel day and night.

After 7-10 days the charcoal was ready. ...I emotionally remember those days. My grandfather was working unfalilngly around the kiln, day after day, night after night; busy and tired, but happy"

And this year, in the Agricampeggio, granfather Ugo built a charcoal kiln; exactly how he use to do years ago!